Dec 05

Arborio rice

I was talking to Tenina a month or so ago about rice for risotto, and she said I should get the Italian Arborio.

I’d been using the Riviera Arborio from Woolies, but – after hunting around that the markets, etc., in vain – I found this at Coles.

juiceimaging 000001

Gotta say, they’re clearly bigger, plumper, grains that the brand we’d been using, and we definitely prefer this.

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Nov 29

HMP & TMX speeds

Hey, does anyone have a list of the Thermomix speeds at the various settings? I’d like to complete this, as it’s woefully bare Smile

Setting HMP speed TMX speed
gentle stir 40 rpm
1 120 rpm 100 rpm
1E 480 rpm
1F 180 rpm
2 315 rpm
3 830 rpm 500 rpm
4 1780 rpm 1100 rpm
5 2935 rpm
6 4000 rpm
7 5330 rpm
8 7140 rpm
9 8950 rpm
10 10250 rpm 10200 rpm
Turbo (Gastro) 12500 rpm
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Nov 24

Spice jars – yes, spice jars. Excitement!

It’s OK, I understand that this is not actually the world’s most exciting subject :-)

But it’s actually pretty useful, which is different. See, I really hate the spice jars from the supermarket, because they’re really narrow, so it’s hard to get a spoon in there to get the spice out, so you end up trying to shake it out onto the spoon, then you get a big clump, and it’s a mess. Total PITA, basically.

Also, what about people (like me) who buy their spice from the markets? Then it comes in bags, so you have to keep it in something.

I have the solution.

The DROPPAR Spice jar from IKEA. Just $5 for two.


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