Hey, you’ve found Cullenary Delights, Mic (juice) and Cha Cullen’s website concentrating on food. Mostly it’s restaurant reviews at the moment, but hey, who knows where it’ll go?

Mic is a photographer and  journalist (who covered the AFL for the last 10 years), and Cha is a speech pathologist/audiologist. We moved to Melbourne in 2008 from the wastelands of Perth.

Mic is a tougher reviewer than Cha :-)

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi guys, just wanted to say a quick thanks for the great review and great pics. We are glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to Verb – would love to see you again…


    • No worries, I give reviews without fear or favour, so if it’s a good one, you know it’s deserved :-)

      We really enjoyed it, so well done.

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