Salt & Vinegar Potatoes



  • Potatoes (I use Sebago or Royal Blue for preference, but YMMV)
  • Vinegar – 1 cup or so (I just pour it out of the 2l bottle), and some for drizzling


  • Add vinegar to saucepan
  • Chop potatoes into (approx.) 1cm cubes. This is really vague, just don’t make the segments too big or too small, that’s what we’re after here


  • Put potatoes in saucepan
  • Add water to cover potatoes


  • Gently boil potatoes for 35 minutes or so. This time will vary depending on how hard you boil them, but the goal here is to overboil them so they’re quite soft and starting to get mushy


  • Drain potatoes
  • Put potatoes in hot frying pan with some high-smoke-point oil (canola, rice bran, etc.)
  • Ensure there’s always some oil in the pan, you don’t want the potatoes on a dry pan
  • Keep flipping them regularly until they look cooked and have something of a crust (20 minutes or so?) I work on the chaos theory method of flipping – I flip them, but don’t take much notice of how they end up, given I’m flipping them often enough to get all surfaces cooked pretty well


  • Transfer potatoes to plate, drizzle with vinegar. Top with Himalayan Rock Salt or similar

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