HotMixPro @ Foodservice Australia

Drifted along to the Foodservice Australia exhibition in Carlton today. (Yes, it’s for the trade only, but they let media in as well, it seems :-)

Great to see Stewart there, directing things imperiously in the kitchen with an Easy and a Gastro and a multitude of jugs being managed by a couple of chefs.

It’s a really good show – my wife was a bit dubious about heading out there (it’s in Carlton, so we just walked from home) but it was far better than some of the consumer ones (Good Food and Wine Show, anyone?) we’ve been to in recent years.


Giant Cha with an awesome gelato she scabbed up.


Might head back tomorrow to watch some of the demonstrations (and take the real camera).

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2 thoughts on “HotMixPro @ Foodservice Australia

  1. I agree Mic, took the missus to the good food and wine show last friday, pretty ordinary, went thru inside 2 hours, lots and lots of booze (not a bad thing normally, but driving), not even the “scientologists” where there.

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