Everten, I’ve unsubscribed

I really dislike email subject lines that don’t tell you the full story, and Everten do it frequently. With this one, they’ve conveniently left out the “on orders over $50” bit, despite having plenty of room for it.

It’s hardly the first time, either. And when you combine it with their frequent grammatical errors – the Fathers Day email was like a case study in how not to write – it’s time for them to go.

(Have I emailed them about this in the past? Yes I have. Have I received a reply? No I have not.)

PS – do you like the way the red covering my email address is shaped like an East-West knife? (It’s easily my favourite knife, and it looks as though it is Gordon Ramsay’s as well, given how often he uses one in this cooking series.) So cool.


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One thought on “Everten, I’ve unsubscribed

  1. Carla from Everten here. Sorry you have not received a reply in the past. I would be happy to discuss on email or telephone with you carla@everten.com.au. Just a quick note with regards to subject lines, more often than not it is a word count restriction. Look forward to hearing from you.

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