Time to boil 1L water

OK, just testing my HMP.

Time to boil 1L water: 17min – begin temp (according to the HMP): 16C, speed 1, cap in.

Took about 14min to get to 99C, so a long last degree.

I’d be very interested in other results, both from a HMP and from other, lesser, machines :-)

I’ve been talking to my contact at HMP in Italy, and he tells me they don’t have a reference time for boiling any amount of water, which is a bit frustrating.

However, he did say that he couldn’t recommend using TM recipes in the HMP:

I can’t recommend this. The machines are completely different, so they’ll act differently on your ingredients.

You might be able to use some of those recipes, but most of them are not likely to work “as they are”.

For example, the “other machine” seems to heat faster, and this, considering also the temperature approximation, may cause differences if you take a recipe and use it as it is.

In general, I’ve found that recipes transfer over quite well, although it’s my impression that the TM heats more quickly as well.

So some data points in the comments would be appreciated :-)

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One thought on “Time to boil 1L water

  1. Hey there, I just did the same test in my HMP Gastro.
    Start temp – 21C

    took 29 mins to get to 90C
    41m40s to get to 99C
    43mins50seconds to get to 100C

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