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Have I mentioned recently how much I love my HotMixPro? well, I do, it’s awesome.

But the speeds are a bit weird, so I sent an email to the Italian manufacturers enquiring about it, and got the following reply:

Good morning Mic,

thanks for having contacted us.

Yes, you found out something that isn’t noticed by everyone, you are a good observer.

Speed “1E” is slightly faster than speed “2”
Speed “1F” is slightly faster than speed “1”

Both speeds, if set with PULSE, generate a pulse which has a unique pace, longer than at any other speed.

Anyway you’re right, it is a strange speed order… I hope it doesn’t annoy you.

Setting Speed
1 120 rpm
1E 480 rpm
1F 180 rpm
2 315 rpm
3 830 rpm
4 1780 rpm
5 2935 rpm
6 4000 rpm
7 5330 rpm
8 7140 rpm
9 8950 rpm
10 10250 rpm
Turbo 12500 rpm

So I still don’t really know why it’s there, but I do know what it does, and I got a list of the speeds Smile

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3 thoughts on “HotMixPro speeds

  1. I’ve often wondered this myself. I’ve used the 1F once when I was cooking pasta to see what would happen, but it was pretty much the same as speed 1. I would say that the 1F would be good for mixing caramel perhaps with the pulse button as well. I will be doing caramel again soon, and will try this.

    • Yeah, I think Max and I have hit a language barrier when it comes to finding out the “why” rather than just the speeds :-)

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