Tulky’s – Quantity rather than quality

I don’t think I’d go back to Tulky’s even if I lived nearby. The service was excellent, but the food was variable – some good, some really bad.


I would also avoid Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights – they have “live music”, which you can’t escape from. The young girl who was singing actually had a reasonable voice, but had no idea about actual singing (i.e. how to use her voice), and the combination of that with the generic backing track was pretty bad.

The service was great – no trouble booking, smiling faces at the venue, no massive delays. We were in a booth (like most people) and it was clean and tidy. You do have to walk in to the place through a cloud of smoke, though, as their “outdoor” smoking area is right at the front. Not a great start, TBH.

The lime “thickshake” was a good start, although I’d have called it a milkshake. Tasted good, though.


Cha had the Fisherman’s Basket – Goujon of fish, butterflied prawns, scallops, salt and pepper calamari and prawn crackers served over chips with a side of garden salad or vegetables $27.50).


Goujon: a small strip of fish or chicken, coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. Unfortunately the coating was not nice tasting at all (“like dishwater” Cha said), so the fish didn’t get eaten. The prawns were ok, although why prawn crackers make an appearance is anyone’s guess. The scallops had the revolting orange bit still attached, so they were marked down as well. Combined with over-salted chips and an oily salad, and it wasn’t a winner.


I had the Steak Kilpatrick – Porterhouse smothered in a bacon and Worcestershire sauce, topped with battered onion rings, served with chips & salad or vegetables of the day. The steak was massive, and no doubt led to it being cooked medium, rather than the ordered medium-rare. The sauce was quite nice, but the onion rings weren’t nice at all (maybe the same oil as the goujon) and I didn’t eat them. The salad was the same as Cha’s, quite oily.



The best bit of the meal was definitely the dessert, which was obviously bought in. Cha had a TimTam something or other, and I had a REALLY nice lemon Meringue, with a custardy lemon filling, which was nicely tart.



TLDR: Quantity rather than quality.

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One thought on “Tulky’s – Quantity rather than quality

  1. I haven’t been to this place, and from the pictures it doesn’t look all that good, but “revolting orange bit” of a scallop really cuts at your credibility…

    1. The orange bit is natural for the scallop, and some people prefer to have it. Giving it to you would be a positive in my books. By serving it, they allow you the option to remove it yourself, whereas if they removed it, they deny the option of having it for those who want it.

    2. I would also rate this as a positive because cheap imitation scallops rarely (never?) imitate the orange bit. Thus you actually get an indication that it’s real scallop and not fake crab meat repackaged in a scallop shape.

    3. Freshness is important for real scallop (not so important for imitation scallop), so that would be the factor that should have actually been assessed but you mentioned nothing of it.

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