Sweet Basil – weird-looking food, tastes good

If you want to eat some weird-looking but good tasting food, Sweet Basil is for you.


The place was empty the whole time we were there, but we were there at 6PM, so no surprises. Service was generally good, although we had to keep asking for water.


Fitout is nice, and food came out with no excessive delays.

Warm Roti Bread served with Peanut Sauce, made with crushed roast Peanuts and a dash of Creamy, Spicy Sauce -this was really really good. Loved the roti, loved the sauce.



Chef’s Entree Platter with a delectable selection of starters, including: Bud Sarakum, yellow Pumpkin flavoured steamed Dumplings with minced Chicken, Palm Sugar and Spices, Khanom Jeeb, green Pandan Leaf steamed Dumplings with minced Chicken, crushed roasted Peanuts and Spices, Pla Thong, lightly fried Fish Cakes with Chilli Paste and Lime Leaves, Tung Thong, lightly fried marinated minced Pork in golden Pastry tied in an edible Pandan Leaf; and Curry Puffs, featuring spicy aromatic minced Chicken encased in Pastry served with a special dipping Sauce – this was a lot of fun, with this very cool looking stuff. Tasted as good as it looks.





Larb Gai Salad, minced Chicken with Chilli, Mint, Lime Juice and fragrant, roasted Rice – nice but (for me) too coriander heavy. Cha didn’t mind it, but it’s not something I’d order again.


Pud Paak Nopagao, a delicious combination of fresh Prawns, Chicken and Vegetables in Oyster Sauce – I liked this a lot more, so I ate most of this and Cha the other. Good flavours and good consistency.



Thai style Coconut Ice Cream, topped with a Thai Plum Seed Dressing and Tropical Fruit – a dessert. That’s about it.


TLDR: The entree was really really cool.

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