Serenity Contemporary Chinese Restaurant – no thanks

Plenty of food, but not all that well cooked or thought out, sums up Serenity pretty well. I did like the paintings on the walls, though.


The “photos on the menu” seems like a good idea until you realise that it’s a con – here’s what the “Love it up” voucher said:

• 4 Course Lunch or Dinner for 2, only $34! ($88 value)
• 2 x Soups of your choice ($12 value)
• 2 x Entrees of your choice ($20 value)
• 2 x Main Meals of your choice ($36 value)
• 2 x Rice ($10 value)
• 2 x Desserts of the Day ($10 value)

And the original post has a link to the full menu, not to the massively cut-down one offered here.


Having got past that particular bit of deception, the choice was OK, although the service was seriously lacking – teenage girls who were more interested in watching stuff on their phones than taking orders, clearing tables, etc.

Chicken and Corn Soup – strange peppery taste. Not overwhelming, but a bit weird.


Potato prawn – lots of potato, a tiny prawn. An interesting coating.



Lucky bag – basically a vegetarian spring roll in a “bag” shape. OK.


Fried dumpling – overly fried, giving them a very hard base. Otherwise OK.



Spicy pork ball – my favourite. They were indeed spicy, and good after a dip in soy sauce.


Fried rice – good, but bland. Had a few prawns in it.


Dessert of the day – icecream with chocolate sauce. Not really $5 worth, I say.


TLDR: Don’t bother.

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