Sambal Kampung – Average

Really underwhelmed by Sambal Kampung on our visit there.


We went with a voucher, and they wouldn’t swap the included wine for a soft drink. I know they’re fully within their rights to do that and I’m not mad about it, but it’s does indicate a lack of flexibility and a “rules are rules” public service mentality rather than a desire to make the experience a good one.

The decor is nice, with a somewhat hidden dining room, and a function room/dining room upstairs.



Our entree platter was good, with very nice prawn toast, and interesting tasting spring rolls.




But it started getting weird with the mains, where they used cucumber instead of zucchini, which just tasted bizarre. The Satay Chicken used thigh meat (which Cha didn’t like at all), and it looked and tasted like the sauce was just poured over the dish at the end of the cooking process, rather than being part of the cooking process.


The Beef Rendang was better, but was seriously dry around the outside, although inside was better.


The Fried Kwai Teow was good, but not outstanding.


TLDR: You can do far better on Victoria St, a couple of blocks away.

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