Punjabi Curry Cafe – you’d better like coriander…

Cha liked this, but I wasn’t a huge fan. See, the chef here is clearly madly in love with coriander. It’s in pretty much everything, and not just ON, where I could easily get rid of it, but chopped up nice and fine and put THROUGH everything.

Unfortunately, I’m NOT a lover of coriander. In fact,  pretty much hate it. So I didn’t get along with most of the food, because I couldn’t get away from it.

Nice LLB, though.


The fitout was nice, and the service was good. I really wanted to like this place, because it’s a short walk from home. Maybe I’ll go again and ask for the dishes to be done without coriander.

Entree – Tandoori Chicken, Aloo Tiki (2pcs) Shallow fried potato patties stuffed with spices, served with tangy chutney ($6) and Vegetable Pakora (4pcs) Vegetables Dipped in chickpea batter and fried golden brown. ($5)

Liked these a lot. Not too oily, good consistency, good flavour. Nice tender chicken.




Raita – at least I was able to avoid the coriander here, and it was good.


Good rice.


Really good Naan.


Chicken Jalfrezi – Boneless chicken cooked with ginger, tomatoes, and spices in our hot & sour jalfrezi sauce. Really nice, apart from the coriander.


Punkabi Kadai Prawn – Prawns cooked in traditional Kadai (wok) on very highheat with fresh tomatoes, onions, capsicum. ginger, garlic, fresh herbs and spices. Really nice, apart from the coriander.


Gulab Jamun – pretty standard.


TLDR: Really nice, but you have to like coriander a whole lot.

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