Pasha’s – cool, and probably OK value

I love Collingwood/Fitzroy – so many different nationalities represented in the restaurant scene. Pasha’s is Turkish, and has been open for a few months on the ever-cool Smith St.

We watched them as they did the fitout over a few months before it was revealed as Pasha’s.


We marked it down as somewhere to try, as it looked pretty good, and then out came a voucher for it, so we were all over it.

Making the booking was easy, and we rocked up, and got a table. Unfortunately, it was pretty much right in the middle of the restaurant, so it was really really dark, so excuse the photos. Pleasant and friendly service.


The voucher entitled us to wines, but we don’t drink, so they happily substituted Cokes. Unfortunately, it was really flat. Cha went and told them, and they replaced them, but the replacements weren’t much better. Not much point, so I didn’t bother to drink it.

But it got better with the food.

The Turkish bread and the three dips were very good. The bread was excellent.



The banquet shows up on a metre-long board, which is very very funky. Ours was a bit of a mix between the meat and seafood banquets. We really enjoyed it. $38 per person – Dips & bread, meze platter, lamb shish kebab, chicken fillet & kofte  We had seabass rather than chicken, and some calamari, but otherwise it was pretty much as above, and all tasted pretty good.




TLDR: Not bad value for $38/head.

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