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Swimming against the negative tide of opinion on Urbanspoon, we quite liked our visit to Michelangelo’s. It’s hardly fine-dining, but I don’t think anyone is going here for that.

We used a voucher that got us “any two pizzas/pastas or risottos plus two sides, a litre of wine and a shared dessert for two people” and had no issues. Our waiter, Tim, was excellent, one of the best we’ve had for a while. Infectiously happy/friendly and very efficient.

We had a nice window seat, where the passing parade – both people and vehicles – could be observed. I like to do that. I’m weird.

It’s a large room, and it got very loud as it filled up, but not in a bad way. But it was pretty loud – no romantic dinners for two here.

Cha had the Roasted Duck – Succulent duck meat w sautéed assorted mushrooms, sugar snaps and red currant jus (17.50) and it was good. LOTS of duck in it, along with Shitake mushrooms, and well made. Can’t say I noticed the “red currant jus”, though.



I had a pizza – Marinated lamb – fresh tomato slices, marinated lamb, fetta cheese, onions, olives and tzatziki (17.90) – which I liked, despite not being a huge fan of pizza (or most Italian food, for that matter). Tasted good, plenty of ingredients. The only issue was the base, which was good towards the edge, but mostly was a bit thick and non-crispy.



The “sides” were laughable, unfortunately – the below is image is apparently “Chunky Chips (6.50)” which were neither chunky – appearing to have come directly out of a Woolies “shoestring fries” packet – nor worth more than about $2 tops.


The Seasonal Mixed Vegetables (6.50) were likewise sparse, with a few heads of broccoli and cauliflower looking completely lost on a little side plate. Just terrible. they were so bad I forgot to take a photo, unfortunately.

We shared a dessert – cakes from display – served w ice-cream or double whipped cream (7.90) – and had the Toblerone Cheesecake, which was nice, but was very un-Tobleroney and had a MASSIVELY thick base, which I didn’t mind, but Cha wasn’t too happy with.



TLDR: Nice enough, but struggles a bit on the value front. Great service from Tim.

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