Mexico City – good cheap Mexican

Mexico City – good service, OK food, OK ambience. But we liked it for what it was – cheap Mexican food. Overall it was good, and far better value than Fitzroy’s Los Amigos, but no “must return” factor.


Kudos to them for exchanging the jug of Sangria specified on the voucher for a jug of Coke (I know it’s better for them, but some places just say “take it or leave it”, which makes me want to take it and just leave it sitting there).

Interesting decor – a mural by an artist clearly influenced by Dali/Picasso or on the gear is the highlight. Little place, little tables, but the vibe is cool.

Started with some corn chips and some spicy salsa dip. Cha thought it had a bit too much kick, but I liked when I could avoid the coriander.


We had a tasting plate, which we liked, although it was a bit cheesy/deep-fried. Good guac and salsa.



I had the Chilli Con Carne, with beef cubes (really shredded beef) rather than beef mince, and it was good, but pretty bland. nice rice.


Cha had the enchilada and a taco, which she liked. I thought it was good the way the stood it up using a corn chip Smile



A distinctly non-Mexican Jaffa Cake to finish. Was good, if standard production line stuff.



TLDR: Good but not outstanding.

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2 thoughts on “Mexico City – good cheap Mexican

  1. I don’t understand it.  Restaurants put out vouchers in order to attract customers hoping, one would think, that they’ll not only return, but will tell their friends.  So many don’t.  For example, two courses don’t make a ‘banquet’ as is so often promised.  One would think they’d give a little extra to attract customers back, not the opposite because you’re on a voucher.

    Mexico City was totally disappointing, and the owner is a fool.  We arrived before there were any customers – and were told we could not stay if we did not have a booking (the phone number did not appear on the voucher).  The place was empty, for heavens sake!

    Anyway, rather than waste money already spent – and because we love good Mexican food – we made a booking for another night.  Two of us went on the voucher and a friend joined us, paying in full for his meal.

    The first thing we discovered is that a main which cost, as I recall, $1.50 more than the other dishes could not be ordered.  Nor could any substitutions be made (for food the same price) if one didn’t want a particular dish.

    The food was decidedly ordinary.  And the only desert available to voucher-holders was a definitely non-Mexican piece of cake.  Oh, yes, and the wine.  Forget it!!

    Total waste of an evening, and our money…  Don’t bother!

    • We didn’t mind it, but it appears we had a better experience than you. But as I said, no “go back” factor.

      But I totally agree with you re the usage of vouchers. You really wonder why some places bother, they don’t do themselves any favours.

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