Masuda Thai – kickarse Tom Yum soup, but alfoil in curry

I think Cha inhaled some chilli, but whatever it was that happened, she was left with tears streaming down her face as she had a coughing fit while eating the Tom Yum soup. Yep. it’s that good!


Not so good was the alfoil that came with the chicken green curry.


Fortunately I found it before eating it, but not good, either way.

Service was good, although I did have trouble understanding the options offered, as they were rattled off at great speed, which isn’t terrific when combined with a strong accent.


(For humour, I’ve copied in the “courses” as described by the voucher offer. How it’s a “course” when it arrives at the same time as another dish (let alone on the same plate, ala entrees) is a mystery, known only to the fairly useless writers for the voucher companies. (Yes, of course I knew that would be the case before ordering, anyone sensible would. Which tells us that these offers are written by, and go out to, a lot of people who can’t be described as “sensible”.)

  • Course One: Delicious Chicken or Vegetable Spring Roll (2 pieces) Thai style Spring Rolls served with Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Course Two: Crispy Chicken or Vegetable Curry Puff (2 pieces) Thai style Curry Puffs with Peanut Sauce
  • Course Three: Aromatic Thai Fish Cake (4 pieces) minced Fish Patties served with Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • These were all good. Not too oily, good flavours.




    And after the entrees, we’re up to course four. Amazing, innit?

    Course Four: Enjoy a fragrant Thai Soup each, Tom Yum Soup a blend of the flavours of Thailand in one dish, Hot and Sour Soup simmered with Lime Leaf, Onion, Lemongrass, Lemon Juice, Galangal, Mushroom, Tomato and Herbs

    This was a cracker! Really hot, with a big big kick. I loved it, Cha not so much Smile so I finished hers as well.





    Course Five: Fresh Seafood Pad Thai, stir fried Rice Noodle with Egg, Tofu, dried Shrimp, Bean Shoot, Garlic Chive and Peanut

    Nice, but no photo, sadly. No idea why. Apologies. But it was nice, we both liked it.

    Course Six: Choose a delicious Thai Dish to share either Traditional Green Curry one of the essential dishes of Thai cuisine, an elegant classic, Chicken served in tasty Coconut Milk Curry with Vegetables.

    Apart from the alfoil, this was very nice. Quite bitey, but well balanced with the coconut milk.



    Course Seven: Finish your feast off with a refreshing Coconut Ice Cream each

    The peanuts were a nice touch.


    TLDR: Good highs, terrible low.

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