Kimchi Grandma was a cracking feast

I’m a bit on the fence with Korean food – I love Asian food in general, but Korean is a bit hit-and-miss for me. Kimchi Grandma was a hit.


We had a voucher that offered: “EIGHT Course Korean Banquet for TWO People. Enjoy marinated Spare Ribs, King Prawns, Dumplings and much more. Valued at $93”.

As usual with these things, there was a fair bit too much food for two normal people, and given we’d have eaten a fair bit less if we were A la carte, I reckon the value was pretty good.

The service was good and friendly, with the only issue being getting them to bring us more water when asked.

Course One: Steaming Miso Soup – nice flavour, hot. Not a huge Miso fan, but this was good.

Course Two: A deliciously healthy Seaweed Salad lightly dressed in Rice Vinegar and fragrant Sesame Oil – this was great, we both really liked it. The sesame oil really makes it.


Course Three: Mouth watering Pan Fried Dumplings, home-made morsels filled with minced Pork and Vegetables, delicately hand wrapped and lightly fried to golden perfection (4 pieces)
Course Four: Lightly fried Prawn Skewers (Sae Woo Kochi) accompanied with a deliciously tangy Sesame dressing

The dumplings were good, the prawn skewers great. Really crunchy outside, moist inside and flavoursome.



Course Five: Finger-licking, fall-off-the-bone Beef Spare Ribs (Gal-Bi) glazed and caramelised in Grandma’s special home made sauce – also a big big fan of these. As you can see in the image below, they come with scissors so you can cut them up into more manageable sizes. Great flavour, not easy to eat Smile


Course Six: Stir Fried King Prawns (Sae Woo Bokeum) made with Grandma’s sweet Soy home-made sauce mixed with Chilli Powder and fresh Vegetables – the star of the evening. we both absolutely loved this. Great flavour, big juicy prawns, lovely sticky sauce. It tastes so good you’ll eat all the vegetables (yep, LOTS of onion) just to get the sauce off them.



Course Seven: Five assorted Korean pickled side dishes and fragrant Steamed Rice for Two – didn’t much like these. A couple were OK, a couple I really disliked. So I just ignored them mostly, a very minor part of the meal.



Course Eight: A sublime, palate cleansing Green Tea Ice Cream each – we both hated this. Not a fan of green tea anyway, but this had a really weird aftertaste.


TLDR: moving me towards liking Korean food. Make sure you get the Sae Woo Bokeum.

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