Hungry Jack’s (Hoddle St Richmond) – just say no

(Text of email sent to HJ via their contact page.)

For the first time in many years, I went to Hungry Jack’s. (I generally don’t do “fast food” as a rule, but I had a voucher that gave me a Whopper and small chips for $2, which was OK.)

After my experience at the Hoddle St store, I won’t be going back for a while, either. The service was abysmally slow (appeared to be because of serious understaffing), the burger (standard whopper) was just warm, and the chips also just warm and apparently without salt.

The bloke in front of me said several times he wanted his burger without onion – he got onion. A couple of times they tried to give the wrong order to the wrong person. I had EIGHT serviettes in my bag.

Basically, it reeked of a complete lack of staff training, and was a farce from start to finish. I didn’t complain at the time because the duty manager was already verbally smashing into the girl at the counter for being too slow, when clearly he just didn’t  have enough staff on. Not a particularly good look.

Not one thing to recommend it besides the walk there and back.

EDIT: Since sending the feedback, the regional manager has rung me to get the full story, and has promised to “look into it”. Apparently they were understaffed due to a late illness call, but in that case, the manager should have pitched in to help, but I suspect he thought that sort of thing was beneath him.

I wasn’t offered any free stuff, but maybe they figured there was no point, given how bad this experience was.

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