Hollywood Palace – good but too expensive

I have a soft spot for the Hollywood Palace – it’s just up the road from church, and Cha and I used to go there religiously every Saturday night after the meeting for a souvlaki.


But then they started cranking the price. it was $8.50 for a lamb souvlaki when we first went there (in late 2008, IIRC), but then they jacked it to $9.50, then $10. Now it’s $11 ($14 with “extra meat”, which was the same as we used to get as a normal serve). That’s a massive change in about three years.

The decor is nothing special, but it’s not bad. Was good to watch the footy on the big flat-screen in the corner (they had an old CRT a couple of years ago!) even though Richmond were being towelled up by the Magpies…


We were there with a voucher to see how it was going these days, having not gone for a while. “Offer includes 2 x Souvlaki (with extra meat), 1 x large chips, 2 x cans of drink“.


We had no issues with the fulfilment of the voucher, but the “extra meat” souvlaki was basically identical to the ones we used to buy for $8.50, where as now they’re $14. Simply not close to good value. Cheaper to go to Victoria St and get a real meal.

However, they are really good souvlakis. The lamb is awesome, the garlic sauce is excellent, and the bread is really nice.


The chips were nicely done, but way over-salted, and putting them on a cold aluminium plate probably isn’t the best thing for keeping them warm.


TLDR: Like the food, but the prices are out of control.

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