CafeFM – Banana Pancake FTW!

Awesome pancake, this. Loved it. Pancake with caramelised banana and maple syrup. You need to have one of these at some stage, even if you have to take a bit of a drive.


The fitout is nice. Cha: “I wonder if this used to be an Indian restaurant?” Yeah, because it’s got a red panel Smile


We went on a voucher, and had no issues at all. No problems getting a Sunday morning booking, no problems once were there. Friendly staff, all good. Sat inside, because some git was polluting the outside area by smoking. Shame people as selfish as this exist, it would have been great out in the sun. (Not that that’s the fault of Cafe FM, of course.)

Here’s the pancake! What a star it was, and I very nearly didn’t have it in favour of the big breakfast. Man, was I glad I decided to choose it. Very fluffy, despite its depth. Crispy on the bottom, awesome banana and maple syrup. Am I going back to have this again? Yes, I certainly am.



Cha had the Spanish Omelette, and while the chorizo was bland, overall it was very nice. Liked the potato strips, although I have to say that I preferred Cafe Bomb’s open omelette.



BIG cups for your tea.


TLDR: Just get there and have the banana pancake. Thank me in the comments once you’ve done so.

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