Cafe Zest – another good breakfast let down by the toast

I know I go on about toast a bit when it comes to breakfast, but an average piece of toast can bring down the whole meal. (#firstworldproblems, anyone?)


I used to make my own bread (complete with spreadsheets for ingredient weights, rest times, etc) so maybe I’m a bit more picky than most. But as you can see from the above image, a piece of plain white toast just doesn’t help the overall dish.

Nice view, though.


We both had the Big Breakfast – Eggs, Bacon, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, a Hash brown & Sausage $18 – as usual, I had poached eggs, and Cha had scrambled.



Overall, it was good, although it was all somewhat oily. The very tasty mushrooms and the perfectly-cooked bacon were great, the sausages nice and spicy, the eggs just right, the tomatoes nicely charred. On a nice piece of sourdough, it would have been terrific.

Cha’s scrambled eggs were a bit bland, but the rest of the dish was of the same quality as mine. (Yes, I know they were both done together, but that’s not a guarantee of similar quality at some places, trust me.)




And the tea comes in really cool glasses.


TLDR: nice, but let down a bit by the toast and the oiliness.

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