Booktalk – great concept

How can you not love a place that has the “Monty Python Breakfast – spam, sausage, spam, spam, bacon, egg, spam, tomato and spam”?


Great concept – a cafe in the middle of a bookstore. I love reading, so it was a great combination. (Not, TBH, that I read actual BOOKS too often any more, it’s all on the Kindle, the tablet or the screen, but it’s all still reading, right?)

Even their menus are like books that kids have made. Very cool.



However, the font really sucks. it’s a book, so just use a decent serif font, I say.


Cool little natives growing in jars on each table, and the chairs have author’s names on them. (Which leads to a bit of cognitive dissonance, at times – the two chairs I could easily see from where I was sitting were the legendary “Banjo Patterson” and trashmaster “Clive Cussler”.)


The service was good, despite them being pretty busy. we both had juices – Cha had some weird combination of watermelon, ginger and some other things, while I had a more mainstream orange/lemon juice. Maybe a little too much lemon, but we both liked them.


I went for the “Booktalk breakfast – bacon, poached eggs, tomato, mushroom, hollandaise on sourdough toast ($14.50)” and it was very nice. Loved the toast, and the hollandaise was excellent.





Cha had the “Potato Rosti – w poached eggs, mushrooms, spinach, tomato and relish” and it was very nice. But it was better once I’d donated a piece of toast for her to have the eggs on. The rosti was really nice, great flavour, as was the relish.


TLDR: Great concept, great ambiance, good food, loved it.

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