Taste of Asia BBQ House – INDOOR BBQ!

It’s a smart restaurant that gets you to cook your own food, and that’s exactly what Taste of Asia BBQ House in Footscray does. And it’s good fun.


It’s pretty industrial looking, with steel plate all over the floor to cover the running of the gas pipes, but it’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way it is. Kinda adds to the charm of an INDOOR BBQ (so awesome).

Service was good, but would have been better if the waiter had treated the incoming groups like complete nuffies and explained exactly what was going on, what was what, without having to be asked after the food had been delivered. But as I said, he was really good other than the initial explanation, so I’m not complaining, just making a suggestion, in case people feel a little foolish about having to ask. (I’m used to asking questions, and being foolish, so that’s no issue here Smile

Who doesn’t like a BBQ? and there’s something somewhat illicit about having a BBQ inside, which just adds to the fun.



We were there at 6pm on a weekday, so it was empty when we got there, although within an hour there were three other groups there.

First food tray: onions, Korean bulgogi beef, chilli chicken, and awesome lamb. Yes, the other meats were nice, but you MUST have the lamb, it’s that good.


Second food tray: eggplant, sweet potato (oh yeah!), pumpkin and mushroom.


Then some Korean marinaded stuff, of which the Kimchi was the most interesting, but I don’t like it much, but hey, that’s just me.


Behold, the indoor BBQ in action.


There are extractor fans (that look like Elinchrom Maxilite modifiers, they’re quite cool) above each BBQ, so there’s no smoke drifting around the place. (Sorry, I didn’t get a photo.)


We had a really good time, being all interactive with the food together, rather than cooking being it’s usual solitary activity.

Cute little rice container, and the dipping sauce.



To finish up, the not-entirely-Korean white chocolate mudcake, which Cha immediately identified as Cheesecake Shop cake. It was good, that’s all I know.


Finally, the menu, although it doesn’t show the banquet options, which are the best way to go, I reckon.


TLDR: Good fun, make sure you get the lamb.

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