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Luca Haus is unusual – you won’t find all the regular breakfast items on the menu, which is a good thing, unless you want a big brekkie. it’s also not just a café, it’s also a food store of sorts, which is way cool.


It’s got a strange seating setup – there’s a communal table inside (which, with a bit of planning, one bloke can take most of) and stools at benches around the walls, which were mostly used for the passing punters who dropped in to get a coffee to go. There’s a section out back that would have looked nice apart from the bloke smoking up a storm, so we ended up out the front, which was soon similarly polluted by some old git who thought we needed to be smoked on. Thanks, you selfish bastard.

Service was great – friendly, organised. We got our menu and wandered off to get a table, then went back to the counter to order.

We both ended up having the really nice “b&e sanga” for brekkie – awesome tomato chutney, bacon, a couple of fried eggs, mayo, all on a cool bun.

Really tasty.



Cha cut hers in half and it was much easier to eat that way.


When I say it’s not worth trekking across town for, it’s not a knock on it, just a recognition that we’ve got great brekkie spots all over. It was really nice, we liked it a lot.

TLDR: The tomato relish is awesome.

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