Heaven Gastro Lounge – it’s heaven indeed

Look, it’s got an unfortunate name – “Gastro” isn’t a word you expect to see in a restaurant title. But it’s an awesome food experience, and you should get along, as the “Heaven” bit is absolutely correct.


Service was great. Food was totally outstanding. The menu is a very cool ring binder. (But avoid their website – badly designed, and it starts playing some crappy elevator music every time you click on a new link. Very 1990s, and disrespectful to the visitor, to have music play automatically.)


LLB was very nice, and looked cool in a funky glass.


The only kinda knock I’ve got on the place is that it doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be – the food is fine dining, but the big flatscreen TV on the wall had Channel V (IIRC) playing. It wasn’t too loud, but it was just way out of place. TVs can work in Indian restaurants if they’re playing Bollywood stuff, but this was just jarring.

But ignore that – the food was the star. Oh yes it was.

Cha had the Five spices Calamari with Lotus root, Spanish Chorizo and spicy tomato sauce (19.50) and it was excellent. Great flavours and presentation.


I had the Prawn Fritters with Thai Dipping Sauce and crispy salad (19.50) and was similarly wowed. They’re glistening a bit in the photo, but they weren’t too oily, and they tasted great, especially with the dipping sauce.



For mains, we both had the 400gm Hunter Valley Rib Eye $38 with potato fondant and horseradish cream and it was awesome. Just look at the photos.




Great flavour, and I LOVED the horseradish cream. Totally amazing. As you would expect, the steak was cooked perfectly.

Desserts continued the tremendous treatment of the tastebuds. Cha had the chocolate pudding, with the liquid chocolate centre.  Gorgeous.



I had the Sticky Date Pudding with butterscotch sauce (all desserts are $15) which was the best SFP I’ve ever had, and I find it very hard to go past SDP when it’s on the menu.


TLDR: Great dining experience. Just do it.

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One thought on “Heaven Gastro Lounge – it’s heaven indeed

  1. The service really bad. The Indian guy very rude. Don’t ever go there!!! You gonna be very disappointed. Really ….. really bad!!

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