Betty – best burger on Smith St

There are some pretty good burgers on Smith St, but the best one I’ve had was at Betty. And it wasn’t just the burger that was great – the atmosphere, the setting, the service, the fitout, the Bob Dylan on the stereo, it all adds up to a terrific experience.


It’s also very colourful and friendly-looking, as you can see :-)

There were no tables free when we got there, but sitting on the couches just inside the front windows watching the passing Collingwood/Fitzroy foot traffic was cool. (OK, I love living in Collingwood, so this was always going to work for me.)

The fitout is kitschy old tables and chairs, which fits the area perfectly – the hipsters will go made for it Smile But irrespective of their little eccentricities, it works really well for the setting.


Most excellent milkshake – I had the caramel and Cha had the strawberry, and both were very good.


I had the Betty’s burger – house-made beef and pork patty with bacon, egg, sundried tomato, Swiss cheese, lettuce, onion and pickle on a Turkish roll with wedges and aioli on the side – and it was as good as that sounds and as the photos looks. Photos often lie – a lot of my photos seem to make to food look better than it really is – but not here. It was great. Everything about it, with he possible exception of the bun, which I found a bit crunchy. But the patty, the cheese, the bacon, the sundried tomato, the (free-range) egg, the dressing – great. I’m not an egg-lover in general – although I’ve eaten a lot in my life, especially since getting to Melbourne – but this one really added to the burger. Great flavours, all working together in a really good way.


And the wedges were the best I’ve had anywhere, with a really good aioli dip. Like, REALLY GOOD WEDGES.


They’ve got other stuff on the menu that I want to try, but it’s going to take massive will power not to order the burger.


Cha had a salad – Salt ‘n Pepa calamari on a bed of roquette salad with a blood orange & mango salsa – which was also really nice, but not UTTERLY AWESOME like the burger.


TLDR: Really excellent food, service, location, ambience. Get along, you deserve it.

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