Baba Louey – cute

Nice location on Carlisle St, pleasant service, apparently sexist servings. No, really, I’m not kidding Smile


We were at Baba Louey on an Ouffer voucher, and we didn’t appear to be treated an differently to anyone else, which is always a good start.

Nice OJ, cold water, all good.


We had the “Baba Louey Eggs ($14.00) – Soft Poached eggs, ham and spinach with Hollandaise sauce served on sourdough toast” which were nice, but the servings were strange.

Here’s mine.


Here’s Cha’s.


Whether I got two pieces of toast because I’m a fat bastard and they were afraid I’d smash the place up if I didn’t get enough food, or if Cha just got a single piece of toast because she’s a girl, I don’t know. It was very strange though.

TLDR: Nice if you’re out that way.

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