Pan-Asian – it was OK

Pan Asian is OK, but it would be far from my first choice for a dining experience. However, if you’re a competitive eater or are aspiring to be one, it would be great, like all buffets.


I’m going to swim against the tide of generally positive opinions on Urbanspoon and admit that I was underwhelmed.

The selection of the various Asian foods was small, and they kept running out of what they offered. Maybe it was because we were there on a Sunday at a special “vouchers-only” sitting, I don’t know, but even if that’s so, that’s not smart either. Others are lots more positive, so maybe I got a bad day, or something.

The food itself was quite nice, but in the end, I’d rather go to a more traditional restaurant and order from the menu or have a set banquet. (I only took one photo, the plate was a bit messy after the first go-round Smile

Had a chat to the barman, and he was excellent, so a thumbs-up for the service Smile


TLDR: OK, nothing more.

Pan Asian on Urbanspoon

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