Mornin’ Gorgeous is well named

Mornin’ Gorgeous is a 7km round-trip walk from our place in Collingwood, so it’s a good trek there and back, but it’s well worth it. (Yes, we could drive, but walking is better, right?)

MG hasn’t been around all that long (the first Urbanspoon review was at the end of October) but it’s well liked, and with good reason.


And it’s open every day – weekdays 6:30am-3:00pm and weekends 7:30am-4:00pm – except when they head interstate for weddings, and Australia Day, which I learned about from their Facebook page.

It’s on Bridge Rd, so you can watch the passing parade – even at 7am – while you eat your delicious bagels.

I’m fully prepared to admit I know very little about bagels, but I do know I really liked these ones. LOVE poppy seeds. Love, love, love.


Look at how awesome they are!


The non-poppy-seeded one was terrific as well.


And juice with a really great name! (Which was also really nice.)


TLDR: Like it a lot, well worth a visit. Do something different like a bagel!

Mornin' Gorgeous on Urbanspoon

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