Liquid – love the Megashakes!

Liquid has a great vibe, and the megashakes and the Frosty Drinks are awesome. But if you’re going there, and you’re driving, do not let ANYTHING take you the other side of the railway line on Anderson St – it makes Richmond streets look like a planned, model city.


Seriously, how a planning department can let that sort of thing happen is unbelievable. Maybe they’ve matched the road design to the drivers. Three-year-olds playing Simcity couldn’t do anything as bad.


Anyway, back to the review at hand. Liquid is a little shopfront with a couple of outside tables, an inside table and some comfortable chairs. It’s got a great feel, and the colour scheme is warm and welcoming. Funky old bits and pieces adorn the place, they have interesting books (including ones for kids) lying around, and the community noticeboard is a great touch.




Don’t bother with their website, that appears to have been abandoned, but their Facebook page is alive and well. Having looked at the FB page in the morning before going there for lunch, I saw the following (from Friday morning):

Good morning to you all! What a gorgeous day! Refreshing and calm….what a great way to ease into the weekend!
Soups of the Day:
♥ Our Famous Red Lentil w/ coriander yoghurt
♥ Hearty Veggie soup w/ Parmesan Cheese
♥ Cauliflower & Cheese
♥ Rich Beef Stew (limited batch)


I was looking forward to the Rich Beef Stew (I’m a sucker for stew, love making it in the crockpot) but unfortunately they were out by the time we got there Sad smile

None of the rest of the soup offerings appealed, so we both had paninis, which were OK, but nothing special.


But the drinks! Oh yeah. A very big range, as you can see in the image below.


Cha had the watermelon crush, which looked great, and she said it tasted that way as well. (Now without sorbet, despite what it says on the board.)


I had the Megacrunch, which was way better than it looks here, and it looks pretty damned good. Decent size, good slug of icecream, great flavour, great toppings (as you can see). Clearly undid all the work I did in the gym that morning, though…



TLDR: Get along for the drinks, they’re awesome.

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