La Casareccia – cheap and cheerful

La Casareccia is not fine dining. It’s a suburban pizza joint with no ideas above its station. And it makes good pizza.


As a result, it surely is busy. Clearly well regarded in the area, they had three (that we saw) delivery guys on the go, without a break. They seem to do a lot more takeaway than eat in, and it’s an interesting atmosphere inside. “Tacky” would probably be going too far, but it’s certainly not refined.

And if you have the Bundaberg Ginger Beer, you can race the lids. Even if you’re a 35-year-old woman!


We had a garlic bread and a couple of small pizzas. I had the Sicilian and Cha had the Capri. Cha was a little worried that the peperoni would be a bit hot, but no issues, just tasty.

We had the deep pan pizzas, and they were really good. Wee both really liked them.




The garlic bread was OK, no better. And we had to remind them that we had ordered it.



TLDR: Good pizza, not expensive.

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