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Dood328 is a cracking little place in Brunswick, with great food, and a very cool little outside area out the back (well, down the side, really). What’s not to like? Just get there.

Very cool ambience in the place, for sure – check out the great comic wall!


COLD water – I can’t stress how much I love it when places immediately produce COLD water without being asked. It’s brilliant. (It’s also basically allĀ  I drink, which makes a difference, I guess.)

We didn’t sit out the back, but I wish we did, if for no other reason that it’s darkish inside if you’re not right at the front and Fuji STILL has my great little X100 (FIVE WEEKS ON) so I had to use my S90, which hates the dark. (Fuji rant over, on with the review.)


It was a two-man operation when we ate at 8am on a Sunday morning, but it was already pretty busy, both with seated patrons and those dropping just go grab a coffee. Simon the proprietor was running around madly, so I got to see his brilliantly coloured shoes a lot, and was very envious. But I suspect he needs them. You can see the kitchen form the dining area if you sit in the right spot, and watching Douggie go about the cooking was good fun. Love watching someone good at their job.

Big Breakfast Pan – Baked egg, bacon, sausage, tomato, spinach, mushroom, cheese

Behold the awesomeness of the cast-iron pan!


The “sausage”, which if it wasn’t chorizo, was close enough for me, it was great.


The baked egg with the cheese was cool. I really don’t like spinach, but this was ok, which was good, as lots of the real food somehow managed to stick to the spinach which meant I ended up eating most of it Smile


Sadly, the menu item online: Corn Cake – house made and topped with crispy bacon, avocado and tomato salsa, sour cream and house-made sweet chilli sauce has gone, replaced by Corn fritters with a poached egg, bacon, what appeared to be bruschetta mix, good toast and an AWESOME onion relish.


Did I mention the AWESOME onion relish?



The onion relish – fortunately Cha didn’t absolutely totally LOVE it, so I stole most of it and spread it on my toast and it was heaven on a stick (without the stick).


We had freshly-squeezed OJ rather than coffee (which we don’t drink – I know, how do we get to all these cafes and not drink coffee, I’ve heard it all before) and it was good, but doesn’t hold a candle to some nearby, with Veri Koko being the pick. But given the voucher said “coffee” we were rapt to be given OJ instead – a lot of places use that as an excuse to give nothing, so well done again.)


TLDR: Make sure you try the awesome onion relish. Why? Because it’s awesome!

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