Yorkshire Hotel – nothing like actual Yorkshire, is brilliant

The Yorkshire Hotel (Stingos?) is possibly unfortunately named, given when most people think of Yorkshire they have visions of taciturn Northerners with impenetrable accents and coal pits with dead canaries.

But nothing could be further from the truth at the Yorkshire hotel in Abbotsford, which is bright, cheery and blessed with great food.


We were there with a Scoopon, which gave us a couple of mains, a couple of glasses of wine, and a couple of $10 vouchers which we could use on our visit, or hang onto them to use at a later time.

No surprises, we used them to get dessert.


Cold water. I love cold water. About 99 per cent of everything I drink is water, and it’s always – if I have anything to do with it – COLD. Love cold water, and I mark down places that serve it at room temperature. Given it was a hot day when we went to the Yorkshire, (and we’d walked there), the prompt arrival of plenty of cold water was a huge plus.

Also, we were able to swap our wines for LLBs, which stupid places won’t allow. (Looking at YOU, 2 Doors Down….)

Not a fan of Christmas at all, but this tree was cool Smile


On to the food.

We both had the 250gm grass fed Kilcoy eye fillet and they were great. Cooked to perfection. All steaks are served with buttered potatoes & leaf salad, red wine or pepper jus, and the potatoes were among the best I’ve had. Awesome.



For dessert, Cha had the Delightful Turkish pannacotta, pistachio brittle, citrus, fennel & pomegranate which was very unusual and very very tasty.


I had the more mainstream Meringue, lemon curd, fresh strawberries, mint ice-cream & sherbet which was awesome – the ice-cream was different and tasty, and the lemon curd had huge amounts of zing.


TLDR: get down there, it’s great. There’s a reason it’s got an Urbanspoon rating of 91 per cent.

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