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It’s a bit of a lottery at Rodhi Ghar – will you get something good to eat? Unlikely. Will what you want even be available? Tossup.

I can give a definite answer to the question: “Will you ever return?” No. Not a chance.


Somewhat bizarrely, Rodhi Ghar, which supposedly does Asian fusion cuisine, is smack in the middle of little Italy in Lygon St. I guess they’re hoping people will go to Lygon St for Italian and then change their mind and decide they want Asian fusion. Good luck to them for that.

It’s never a good start to the meal when the waitress is almost impossible to understand due to her strong, STRONG accent.

But we did get our orders in, for those dishes that they had available, which seems to be a recurring theme at RG, although possibly only for those who go here with vouchers.

We wanted to try the lamb cutlets (lamb cutlets $34 – tender cutlets of lamb char grilled, asian greens yoghurt touch and rice) for mains, but they were “unavailable”. No, I have no idea what “yoghurt touch” is but I wanted to find out.

WARNING: Cha says my photos make this place look a lot better than it really is. She’s right :-)

LOLLYPOP CHICKEN WINGS : w chilli–tamarind sauce $8.5


A massive three chicken wings, with a small manky salad (you can see the brown in the photo), is not a great entrée. Sauce was nice. (Photo makes them look massive. They’re actually tiny. Don’t believe anyone who tells you the camera doesn’t lie :-)

GRILLED PORK SPARE RIBS: w chilli apple sauce $12


This was the clear standout of the night. Really nice, despite it having coriander in it, which I hate. Cha loved it, I liked it apart from the coriander.

CRISPY DUCK ORANGE -caramelized roasted duck with orange ginger flavor garnished with fresh coriander, asian greens , rice on side $22


Over-cooked and under-flavoured. The “orangyest” thing about it was the slice of orange that came with it. Quite dry and stringy. The “asian greens” had been WAY overcooked and were completely limp and unappealing.

steak lovers $32 350gm. Sirloin steak char-grilled rodhi style served on smoking sizzling plate, topped with green peppercorn curry sauce.


This was a terrible cut and way overcooked. I asked for medium-rare, it was at LEAST medium-well, but there was no point sending it back, as it was just a rubbish piece of meat, far worse than I can buy from Woolies. No matter which way you attacked it it was wrong, there was no grain that I could find. Also, the sauce was entirely peppercorns, no curry that I could taste.

For the dessert, we wanted the custard tart (Caramel Custard- traditional cream caramel topped with whipped cream, cherry topped mint decor $8) – sure enough, it was unavailable. Never saw that coming.

Crepes special- strawberry/brandy/lemon flavor served w Vanilla I/cream 13



Yes, supposedly $13 for either a badly cooked pancake with a slice of lemon, a squirt of lemon juice and some ice-cream, or a REALLY badly cooked pancake with a chopped-up strawberry, some strawberry sauce which tasted suspiciously like it was straight from the supermarket, and a scoop of ice cream.

Other issues – no water topups, and we had to collect our cutlery from the entrée plates to keep for the mains. Probably more, I just don’t really want to remember much more about the evening, and I’ve listed enough anyway.

TLDR: Just stay away.

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