Little Nyonya is big on variety and taste

Little Nyonya looks good, has a great view across the water, has good service and tasty food. Good combination.

Unfortunately, it’s in that horribly-designed wind-tunnel known as Docklands, but you can choose to sit inside or outside.We rolled up with our voucher, having had no problem making a booking for that evening, and were greeted by a cheery waiter (who appeared to be running the whole place and doing all the FOH work) who showed us to a table and clearly explained the choices we had on our voucher menu.

The place was reasonably busy, but not overly loud. A fairly standard soppy Asian soundtrack was running, but not overly loud.

We very much enjoyed the food, as it was quite different to what we usually eat.

A deliciously refreshing Acar Pickle Salad with Cucumber, Carrot, Cabbage, French Beans, Cauliflower and Pineapple combined with crispy ground Peanuts and Sesame Seeds. I really really liked this – tangy, but not too much.

Traditional Loh Bak, spiced Pork Strips and fragrant Spices wrapped in Tofu Skin, fried until crispy and golden brown, accompanied with Sweet Chilli Sauce. Another one I really enjoyed – the tofu skin was great for holding the insides together.



A bowl of Won Ton Soup each, fresh Prawns encased in Won Ton Pastry and cooked in an Anchovy-infused broth “Anchovy-infused broth” is a bit confronting when you’re not much of an Anchovy fan, and when it arrives, the smell does nothing to calm the fears. But the taste isn’t as strong, and it is quite reasonable. The Wontons were very nice.

Time for the mains, and we had a bowl of coconut rice each and the two mains.


Rendang Beef, tender Beef with Herbs and fine Coconut slithers slowly cooked in a traditional rich Curry. Really liked this – the beef was tender, and the flavour terrific.

Curry Chicken, Chicken cooked in fragrant Spices, Lemongrass and Coconut Milk. This was in a claypot and was (as you can see from the image) bubbling away when it arrived. Liked it.

Desserts: Bur Bur Chacha, sweet Potatoes in Coconut and Sago Soup and Ice Cendol, shaved Ice with green Flour Jelly and Red Beans served with Coconut Milk and Special Sugar Syrup Both of these had their good points (for Cha is was the “green snot strands”) but they weren’t so great that I’ll miss them if I never have them ever again.



TLDR: well worth checking out.

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