Café Burgundy just misses

Overall, it was a good breakfast at Café Burgundy, with just one real issue – the toast. White bread that looked like it came from a Coles $1 loaf. It really brings down the tone of the brekkie when you don’t have good toast.

Cha and I had trekked out to Heidelberg for breakfast after going to the gym, using a breakfast voucher in the outer reaches of our general exploring range.


They look to have a good range of macarons and cakes in the display cabinets.


You can have any juice on the menu, as long as it’s OJ or a variant thereof, it seems. We both ended up having the OJ – which was really good – but only because the juices we ordered off the menu weren’t available by themselves “because we don’t have enough of them”. Not sure if that was because we had a voucher or just because of bad planning. Why have them on the menu if they aren’t available?


Their big breakfast is really big, and they serve it on warm plates, which is smart, and not overly common. The eggs were good, although Cha and I both had one really good one and one on the verge of being overdone. Excellent bacon and mushrooms, good hash brown and tomato.

But see what I mean about the toast?



It’s also really really loud. Everything – the other patrons talking, the phone ringing, the old tool at the next table watching a YouTube clip on his iPad – is really really loud. A few bits and pieces up to absorb some sound would help a lot.

They also have a cool mural up the side of the building – there’s a photo of one part of it up top. Don’t miss the mural.

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TLDR: If I sound frustrated there, it’s because I am. It’s really close to being good, but the few niggles would be easy to fix.

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