Veri Koko is Veri nice

Go to Veri Koko, have the “breakfast for the gods”, be very happy. Also, have a freshly-squeezed orange juice, that’s also great. Perfect start to the day.


Not surprisingly, we were at Veri Koko with a voucher, but were treated magnificently. Easy to make a booking, lovely waitress, friendly chef.  (Oh, and one moronic fat-arsed real-estate agent, who insisted on yelling into his phone inside the cafĂ© at 8:30. For 10 minutes. Thanks mate. Not VK’s fault.)

Cool interior with the exposed brick walls, and the kitchen visible to all. There’s outside seating as well, but why waste such a great breakfast by having it smell of cigarettes?

This photo doesn’t convey the magnificence of the freshly-squeezed OJ. It was great. They have other juices as well, but you can’t go past this.


We both had the “breakfast of the gods”. As encouraged by the waitress, using the following logic: “If I could have anything off the menu, that’s what I’d have”, which was persuasive. Yes, it was as good as it looks. Actually, better. The eggs were poached beautifully, the herbed mushrooms were awesome, the bacon and Greek sausage superb, as was the toast.



TLDR: great brekkie, looking forward to trying it out at lunch.

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