Kri Kri – is it Greek for "more, more"?

Since moving to Melbourne, I’ve become a real convert to Greek food, and eating at Kri Kri just solidifies that process. It may not the BEST Greek food in the world, but overall it was excellent.


Kri Kri is, somewhat bizarrely, situated in Chinatown, but hey, we’re a cosmopolitan place here in Melbourne, right?

We went there with a voucher and appeared to be treated exactly the same as everyone else in the place – hosts were great, waitress likewise. Atmosphere in there was upbeat and fun (only one overtly Christmas party that I could see (right next to us) so that’s probably not a factor). Having the front windows open onto the street was good as well. (See top image.)

Our voucher gave us a 14-course dinner, which sounds like WAY too much food. And it surely is…

Starters – a trio of dips, being taramasalata, babaganoush and tsatsiki. All nice, but the tsatsiki was the best we’ve had, really creamy and zesty. Homemade bread was dense but also very nice.


Note to self: don’t eat too much bread here at the start, no matter how nice it is. Bad move.


Piperies Xithantes (Marinated roasted peppers) – I’ve seen some complaints that they weren’t smothered in garlic or the like. Loved them as is, capsicum is great.


Saganaki (Grilled Kefalograviera cheese with lemon) – salty fried cheese. But nice, and not too salty.


Octopothi (Chargrilled octopus) – a really thick but still tender tentacle. Very cool looking and tasting.



Loukanika (Grilled spicy pork and orange sausage) – nice sausage. Kinda Chorizo-like without being exactly like it.


Giganthes (Lima beans braised with tomato and onion) – I don’t really like beans of any description (although I eat them, I know they’re good for me, etc.) while Cha likes them, but neither of us was particularly taken by this dish. Next time, we’ll tell them to skip it.


Calamari Lemonato (Deep fried lemon marinated calamari) – really nice calamari, solid while still tender with a good flavour. I still prefer salt-and-pepper calamari if I’m having calamari, though I wouldn’t expect to get that at a Greek restaurant :-)



Patates Sto Fourno (Oven baked potatoes with lemon and oregano) – really nice potatoes. I need to find out what type of potatoes they used.


Kotopoulo Scaras (Chargrilled chicken skewers) – Nice enough, but a little dry and flavourless. Not BAD, but not a favourite.


Keftethes (Chargrilled meatballs) – nice enough, but again, somewhat dry. Probably needed some tomato sauce :-)


Elleniki Salata (Greek salad) – we were getting way too full by this stage, but the capsicum was nice and fresh, and the fetta good too.


Baklava – good thing they were small! Great flavour.



TLDR: Excellent meal, excellent venue, excellent value. already looking forward to going back.

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