Crouton Cafe – bland macarons

Honestly, the best thing about these macarons is the photo I took of them Smile


To be fair, I’ve had a few macarons from Shocolate in Fitzroy, and they are divine, so it’s a high bar that has already been set.

I tested it with a voucher, and wasn’t too impressed with the service – I rang and ordered a dozen, explaining that I had a voucher that was for two orders of a dozen, but I only wanted one at that time.

Went in the next day, handed over the voucher, received a bag, left, got home and discovered I’d been given two dozen. Underwhelmed. (Admittedly, the braindead Spreets voucher design doesn’t help, but I was pretty clear about things.)

But after eating a couple, I wasn’t too bothered, as they weren’t that good. The promo photo shows some bright colours (ala Shocolate), but the ones I got are shown above, and the flavours were as muted as the colours. (As usual, my photos make the goods look better than they did in real life :-)

Also, there’s no indication as to what flavours they are, which isn’t great either.

TLDR: spend more, go somewhere better.

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