Wabi Sabi Salon

I don’t eat sushi, so this isn’t the place for me! But I went along with a mate, and he declared it to be good.


It’s on good old Smith St in Collingwood, so we walked up there from my place. We weren’t going here specifically, Mal just wanted somewhere to eat.They gave us menus, but a language barrier – our waitress appeared to speak no English whatsoever – meant Mal just went up to the cabinet and pointed at the ones he wanted. Easy enough.

We got there at about 11:30, and it was quiet enough, but it quickly filled up (it’s a little space) and got pretty loud.


A couple of tuna and one salmon sushi rolls were selected.


Apparently nice, but a little deficient in the mayo department, meaning they weren’t terribly creamy. $2.50 for each roll, but they were a decent size, it seemed to me.


TLDR: Seems ok, not outstanding.

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