The Nixon Hotel – a mixed bag

I’m not entirely sure what to make of the Nixon. Some good, some bad, some middling.

It was a good start – making the booking was easy. The ambience was fine, with a table next to the window and the city lights in the background. The waitress was excellent.

The entrée wasn’t a good start, though. The Dips Plate had what tasted like store-bought dip and roti – I could have wandered past Woolies and done the same thing in about a minute. The problem with a poor entrée is that it gets things off on the wrong foot, and places should take more care with them.


My mains was a far better proposition: Eye Fillet – Char grilled, cooked to your liking and served on a bed of creamy potato mash with a garlic roasted crumbed mushroom, broccolini and finished in a red currant jusIt was excellent. Beautifully cooked (medium-rare) meat, and everything else with it was likewise. The Jus and the mushroom were very tasty and well prepared.



Cha had the Porterhouse Steak – 300g grain fed beef cooked to your liking and served with steak cut chips, a fresh garden salad and your choice of red wine jus or herb butter.

Unfortunately, it was both gristly and a funny cut, making it hard to get into, even with a steak knife. Beautifully cooked to medium-rare, but the cut and the gristle made it a bit of a chore. The red wine jus in the small dish (like a miniature gravy boat) was a good touch, and it was really nice. Good chips and salad.


The Dessert Tasting Plate (for two) was fabulous. Jaffa mudcake (most excellent chocolate), sticky date pudding and lemon meringue. Lovely. We had to wait a while for it, because apparently our order coincided with a table of 12 getting their mains, but it was worth the wait, and the waitress was smart enough to warn us of the impending delay.


So overall, it was good. The waitress was excellent, the dessert was fabulous, and my Eye fillet was superb. They really do need to fix the dips and the porterhouse, though.

(Also, in relation to a review on Urbanspoon – we didn’t have any problem getting water, so no idea what was going on there.)

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