Terrace Restaurant – not for mine

It’s hard to think of anything positive to say about the Terrace restaurant – it’s not far from home would be about it, I guess. And even then, we’ve got plenty of excellent places much closer, much cheaper and much better, where the head doesn’t fall off your prawn and flood your plate with black gunk.

Dining there was a very poor experience, not much helped by the pleasant but clearly very inexperienced staff.Even trying to make a booking was difficult – calls kept going to an answering machine that appears not to be monitored. Very useful when the voucher demands that you make a booking.

On making a booking through the website, we got there to find the place empty anyway.

The tapas plate looked and tasted like it was put together at Woolies – it was OK, but not close to special in any way. (The photo makes it look better than it really was, TBH.)


The steak was well cooked, but we were not asked how we wanted it? I let it run, just to see what happened.

The worst bit, though, was when the head fell off my prawn, causing black gunk to run all over plate. Very appetising, as you can imagine.


Oh! Another positive – we had really nicely-cooked chips, but they needed something to make them kick.

For dessert we had a nice cheesecake, but again were left with the feeling that it was from Woolies.

When I was paying (at which time I gave them a $20 to cover the difference over and above the voucher, and was given $20.50 back in change) they had a salad returned because it took to long to arrive, and quite frankly, that was fair enough, despite the rolling of the eyes by the staff.

tl;dr – stay away, even if you’re staying in the hotel.

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