Superb in Seddon – Touks

UPDATE (March 2012): Touks has been sold and is being rebranded, so this review may or may not reflect the current establishment.

Just got in from a meal at Touks, and it was brilliant. The food was magical, but the service and the setting was right up there as well.


With its big opening front windows, it’s easy to see how it would be stunning in summer. We had a reserved table further inside the restaurant, but the waitress suggested a move to the windows, and a good suggestion it was. (Also note the awesome Tiger Crumpler bag from the Crumpler Custom Shop in Fitzroy…)


As ever, we went with a voucher, and making the booking was a breeze – bizarrely, we couldn’t get in on a Thursday night as they were full, but were offered Friday or Saturday, which is great service when booking with a voucher. We ended up going the following Tuesday, which was Melbourne Cup day, but that was no issue for them.

We went pretty early @ 6:30, and were the first there, but within a few minutes there was a table of eight and three more tables of two.


They make a good LLB, even to the extent of asking if you have any special requests regarding it (a rare thing). Once we’d ordered – just mains and dessert, we’re making a conscious effort to not eat three courses (yes, I know, how restrained of us, #firstworldproblems) we were brought some awesome warm bread (made on the premises) and olive oil dip. I’m a bread snob, and this was great.



Then into the mains – Cha had a spaghettini prawn garlic concoction (which she loved). Plenty of prawns – the tails slid off very easily (and a small dish was provided for the disposal thereof) and there was plenty of flavour.


I had the eye fillet (as I often do when we go out, yes) with wedges and a lettuce salad. It was as awesome as it looks in the photos.


The mustard butter – using seeded mustard – was fantastic, and the wedges were cut from roasted potatoes. The salad seemed to have a lemon vinaigrette, and was delicious. Gotta eat yer greens!


The waitress commented that I’d done a good job on the bone when she collected the dishes – it was so good, I wasn’t wasting any. Loved it.

Dessert was just as good. I had a Belgian chocolate tart which was RICH, baby.


Cha had an apple and pear crumble, and I was lucky enough to be able to finish the last couple of mouthfuls, and it was outstanding.


The service was terrific, the pacing was excellent, maybe the music could have been turned down a little, but it wasn’t loud enough to complain about.

TLDR: Fantastic, highly recommended.

But I do have to say they could do with a website, it makes it much easier when choosing places to go if you can check them out, look at the menu, etc. Hey, I know someone who can do that AND take some proper photos (not like the above, which are done with a little P&S… Smile

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2 thoughts on “Superb in Seddon – Touks

  1. Yep… Touks is a good-un, but,…hmmm. Been there a few times (and the prawn spaghettini is a regular), but it is a little patchy. Our experience is that the quality of the pasta has been a bit off… sometimes superb, others undercooked, or even a different flavour.

    Still, all in all, its a good spot.

    PS…see if you can get to Motorino’s in Sth Kingsville on your coupons… Excellent.

  2. Fair enough, we’ve only been the once. I agree that once is no way to get a baseline on things, but I can only report what we found, and we were really impressed. Glad you like it overall – it’s owned by a good Tiger supporter!

    I will keep an eye out for it, for sure :-) I haven’t seen that one appear anywhere. “Out west” seems like a long way, but it’s really not far from Collingwood!

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