Ribs at The Carron, oh yeah

TLDR: Go to the Carron, eat the ribs, leave very very happy.


There ya go, no need to read the rest, really. The ribs are awesome.

They weren’t the only good thing we ate. Not at all. But man, so good.

The Carron Tavern is a pretty standard-looking hotel, but it’s got a nice restaurant area up the back. We sat next to the servery, which meant we could hear everything said in the kitchen, and – maybe I’m weird, or it just goes with being a journalist – I really enjoyed hearing what was going on in there.

I started with the Char-grilled Chorizo with Red Pepper Essence ($5.00), which was great. I love chorizo, and spicy peppers/chillies even more, so this was a great combination.


Cha had the Salt & Pepper Calamari with Lemon Aioli (seen in the background below), which was cooked really well, and had a beautiful presentation. (The macro of it went missing, like a couple of other shots, dunno why. Apologies for that.) Also, a trio of dips – Roast Capsicum, Hummus and Taziki – which didn’t look like they were made on the premises, but were good, and the bread was really good.


I had the Eye Fillet Medallions w Poached Asparagus Spears, Buttered Mushrooms & Herbed Sweet potato Mash w Hollandaise Sauce ($27 – another missing photo) which was nice, but the ribs (Full rack of Pork Ribs w a Jack Daniels Glaze Served w Fried Onion Rings, Wedges & a Side Salad $20.50) were the star by far. The onions rings and wedges were also stellar, and the salad was really good. What’s not to like? (apart from the huge serving size – they look big in the photo, but you can only see the top layer Smile


For dessert we had the Apple Fritters in Cider Batter w Toffee Apple Syrup & Ice-cream ($8.00). I liked them, but Cha thought the syrup was a bit burned, and I agree it would have been better if it was thicker.


But it was all about the ribs. Awesome awesome ribs. The other stuff was really good, and we’ll be back, and it’s the ribs that will take us there.

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