Outpost Cafe – good food, not returning

If it was just about the food, I’d probably go back. But I won’t because the service was underwhelming, and there are too many places around that have both great food and great service.


The first time you go there, it’s confusing to work out where to go to get in. There’s the big kitchen at the front with the big windows so you can see what’s going on, and that’s cool, but it’s not where you’re headed. You can guess two directions – either into what looks like an office block (behind the kitchen) or down an arcade.

Eventually, though, you’ll find a way into the eating area, which is completely disconnected from the kitchen.


The menus are on old clipboards. Funky. Trendy.


The first guy who waited on us was very friendly, but knew nothing about the voucher as it was only his second day (fair enough), and went off to see what the go was, whether we could have a different drink rather than coffee, etc.

And … didn’t come back.

The waitress came up while we were looking at the menus and barked: “Are you ready to order?” Yeah, we’re just looking at the menus to make you think we’re NOT ready, but you’ve caught us out, really we are.

We eventually decided the other bloke had given up on us, as he was taking the order for a table of six, so we both ordered the Eggs Benedict. Could we have another drink instead of the coffee, we asked? No chance, not even close, the deal was for coffee, so coffee it was, or nothing. Lose more marks for not being as flexible as pretty much everywhere else, and making it pretty obvious that the care factor was zero, maybe less.

But the eggs were good.


Nicely poached eggs, nice and plentiful Hollandaise. However, they were on a bog standard muffin, and that was it, pretty much.



TLDR: So there ya have it. The food is good, but don’t expect much of anything else. Nothing like good enough to have that attitude.

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