Nytiate Bangkok Cafe

Hey, this place was pretty cool. If you like Thai, which I don’t overly, but my wife does, and she liked it, so it gets the thumbs up.


Décor is neat and tidy. It was a very cold night when we were there, but it was warm enough inside. I can see how it would be terrific in summer with the doors open across the front.

I think we got a somewhat reduced menu because we went with a voucher, but I can’t swear to it, and it was really good, so who cares? Service was excellent, and we had a couple of good chats about the food with the owner. The stools you sit on were fine, and added a point of difference, as well as some space saving.

Be warned, though, that mild/hot is something most Aussies will find “quite hot”, so go mild if you’re a wuss :-)

The spring rolls (four, despite my pic with just two) and the vinegar/sugar/chilli/nut dipping sauce was very good, and the chicken satay skewers were excellent. Really great satay sauce. (Apologies for these images, I only had my phone with me, and it doesn’t cope well in anything approaching low light.)



Then the soup – Tom Yum and a Tom Kha Gai.

I didn’t like the Tom Yum, but I did like the Tom Kha Gai. They were both well made, though, it’s just my tastes coming out. Neither was as oily as others we’ve had.



Mains were a Massaman curry which was just great.


The other main was Gaeng Keow Wahn, which I didn’t like, but which Cha liked and was really nicely presented. Anything with Kermit Eggplant in it should be regarded with suspicion, I think :-)


Dessert was coconut ice-cream, and it was ice-creamy. The nuts were a nice touch.


Overall, it deserves its high rating on Urbanspoon, and if you like Thai, is a good bet.

Nytiate Bangkok Cafe & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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