No shortage of food at Amici

Had breakfast at Amici this morning, and it was good. Actually, it was really good. It’s a bit of a barn, but without the cold and draughts, etc.


The servings are pretty big, though, so be warned. Really nice, but BIG. Service was fine – the waiter knew what was going on with the voucher, and they got the orders right and were pleasant and polite, so that’s pretty good. (Paying was a bit of a less organised affair, but worked OK in the end.)

Our voucher said anything off the breakfast menu and a coffee, which actually means tea or coffee, but no hot chocolate, unfortunately. So we had the tea, which was pretty nice, even to someone who doesn’t drink tea – it was nice and hot, which is always a good start.


Cha had the corn and zucchini fritters, with a stack of bacon and tomato and wilted spinach, with a drizzle of sweet balsamic. Seriously nice, lots of bacon and the fritters were nice and crunchy. I think I’ll have this next time we go.


I had the big breakfast, and it’s honestly named, that’s for sure. A couple of pieces of sourdough – with butter on the side, unusual – some really well poached eggs, a stack of bacon, a couple of small sausages, a nice tomato, a very cool made-from-scratch “hash brown” (unlike any you’ve had before), marinated field mushrooms, and some home-made baked beans.

The eggs were divine – equal best I’ve had, as good as the ones at Two Doors Down, beautifully runny with a great vinegary aftertaste, and the bread was also great.


Also, the website deserves a special mention – it’s one of those desperately trying to be hip and cool ones, that doesn’t bother with even the basic information like the menu. Genius…

TLDR: well worth a return trip.

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