Golden Gate Hotel gets a big tick

The Golden Gate really kicked it. Very good food, very good service. It’s in a lovely old hotel in South Melbourne, and has a certain charm that some hotels of that vintage develop. (Well, it does at night, when it was lovely – I haven’t been there during the day.)

We went there with a Scoopon – I suspect these people prefer most people who buy these things to us, as we don’t drink, so we tend to get mostly food, along with a LLB at times. (Well, Cha’s taken to trying the cocktails if they are included…)

However, the GGH was another when they couldn’t have cared that we were there with a Scoopon – “Just present it when you settle up” was the reaction when we produced it at the start of the evening. Always a good sign.

We started with the Antipasto; selection of cured meats, seafood, pickles and bread


Really nice – I’m a big bread snob, and the bread was great. (How can one be a bread snob, you ask? Good question, I suspect…) The meats were excellent, and Cha said the olives were likewise. The calamari was a bit oily, but not bad.

Then on to the mains.

Cha had the 220gm Hopkins eye fillet, onion rings and béarnaise sauce which was excellent. The onion rings were great – crispy without being too dry, and the salad was very good. The fillet was cooked (medium rare) to perfection, and the béarnaise was just right.

The side was Green beans, bacon and almonds and was very tasty, although the bacon bits were overcooked, but that is a pretty minor quibble.


I had the 300gm Hopkins River sirloin, mashed potato, red wine and mushroom sauce and was similarly impressed. The mash was more of a puree, which I don’t mind, and the mushrooms were chunky and tasty. The steak was also perfectly cooked (medium rare).


What’s not to like? Excellent service, excellent food and a lovely atmosphere. As Cha said: “I can’t wait to go back.”

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