Carlton Curry House – get the Kashmiri Naan

Carlton Curry House has good food, and is good value. Three of us ate there for $74, which was happy-making for us, and astounding for our Perth visitor. Man, they get done over so badly over there in WA, both in terms of quality and price.


Also, and this is important here – just get the Kashmiri Naan, it’s awesome. I would go there again just for that, even if the other stuff wasn’t good, which it is. But the Kashmiri Naan is stellar.


The restaurant is on Lygon St, which is more immediately thought of as Italian food territory, but they do good Indian as well. Service was terrific – not in your face, but there when needed. Warned when things were going to take a while, etc.


We started with the Tandoori Mushroom ($9.95 – healthy vegetarian dish marinated in a special mix of yoghurt and spices and cooked in clay oven) which was very nice indeed.


The Beef Chilli ($15.50 – (hot) cooked with ginger, garlic, green chilli, tomato and spring onions, seasoned with spices) was pretty hot. If you want it to be REALLY HOT then eat the dark-coloured chillies (top right of the below image) and pay for it for the next 24 hours. I liked it, but nobody else would eat it as they thought it was “too hot”. Without trying it. Seriously, people.


Lamb Rogan Josh ($14.95 – mild) is a pretty standard Rogan Josh. Nice, but not outstanding.


Kashmiri Naan ($4.25 – with nuts and raisins (contains nuts)). Still awesome.


Garlic Roti ($3.50). Not outstanding, but good, perfectly acceptable.


Saffron Rice – Rice. With saffron. Nobody want a photo of rice.

Mango Chicken – ($16.95 – Lean, tandoori grilled chicken in a tasty gluten free vegie sauce with luscious mango.) I don’t like Mango, but this was nice. Cha and Sara thought it was great.



Cool lights, huh?


TLDR: Good food, good value. Get the Kashmiri Naan.

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