Young Services Club FTW! (For the wedges ;-)

Gambling subsidised food rocks, as long as you’re not the one losing money on the pokies.


Cha and I trekked up to Young in the NSW hinterland for her to run a workshop (or something, I was just the driver/area photographer Smile.

It’s a club, so you have to sign in as a temporary member (free) before you can get access, but that’s no issue.

It was our first night there, having driven up form Melbourne (600km) and I wasn’t too hungry, so I just got the starter wedges ($7.50).


As you can see, a huge plate of really well-cooked wedges, and a cup of sour cream (must have been about 250g, it was nuts) and a really good chilli sauce. The chilli wasn’t the usual bland sweet sauce you get, it really had some kick. That more than made up for the lack of spicy coating on the wedges.


Cha had the crumbed lamb cutlets ($17.50) and they were also awesome – big, juicy, well-cooked.


The LLB you can see in the background of the lamb photo was, however, atrocious – they appear to have made it with Solo rather than lemonade. (They’re both lemon, right?) On the upside, you can see the cool aluminium tray they used to bring over the drinks from the bar.

Overall, though, it was excellent.

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